Breaking News: LPG Price Witnesses Almost 50% Reduction


The price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for domestic consumption is expected to witness a reduction of about 50% by tomorrow, Sunday, 9th June, 2019.

Currently, a litre of LPG at the refilling station is sold at GHC5.07kg but it is expected to be sold at GHC2.94 kg.

Checks conducted by revealed that some LPG refilling stations sold the product at the following prices:

2kg——-GHC 10.60
3kg——-GHC 15.90
5kg——-GHC 26.50
14.5kg—-GHC 77.00
20kg——GHC 106.00
25kg——GHC 135.50
60kg——GHC 318.00

The above prices are expected to go down drastically following a release to all LPG dealers which was sighted by

Chief Executive Officer of NPA, Hassan Tampuli who confirmed the reduction in LPG prices, attributed it to reduction of LPG price on the international market.

It is not clear yet whether the reduction in the prices of the product will lead to increase in LPG consumption.


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